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Question 1: When writing a band bio, should one do the pretentious thing and speak about themselves in the third person?
Answer 1: No. It’s fun to pretend to have a PR staff, but we don’t. It’s just a couple friends making a bio.
Question 2: Should one use the term “one” when referring to oneself?
Answer 2: Hard no. Come on now; you knew the answer as you were typing (shut up Bobby).
Question 3: At what point should Mark and I (Bobby, me…the guy typing) switch this over from Q and A to paragraph form?
Answer 3: Now:

Hey Ya’ll. I’m Bobby. I have been making music for a decent amount of my life. I love doing it. In music I care most about hanging out with, creating and doing what I love with like-minded musician friends like Mark (the other dude in this band if you’re joining us for the first time).

I love writing and recording music, and I want to do it for as long as I can. I have been in a decent number of bands and musical projects, but like many songwriters I know many of my ideas and songs have never seen the light of day. Bands as democracies can be wonderful, but can also silence good stuff that isn’t loved by all. Aurora Paradigm is my avenue of getting to do many of the cool things musically that I have wanted to do for a long time, and if Mark ever tries to pull rank I’ll just take my ball and go play somewhere else =-)

Aurora Paradigm doesn’t really have a “genre” it fits neatly into. Yes, due to Mark and I’s musical influences you will hear pop/rock influence in much of it, but be prepared to hear everything from country to 80’s to EDM inspired tracks and everything in-between.

Mark and I have been buddies for a long time, and as of March of 2020 we had never done a song together (much less a full musical venture). That is a crime for us both as friends. I think you will agree that Mark should have started recording music years ago. I will not allow him to keep his musical talent bottled any longer! I am very proud of the music we are making together and cannot wait to share each track with anyone who wants to hear it. Now Mark wants to say a few things because I am hogging the keyboard…

Thanks Bobby, though I have yet to figure out how to pull rank downward…

I am a pianist with aspirations as a singer-songwriter, although my lyrics are as matter-of-fact as an instruction manual and my voice is not exactly rock ‘n’ roll. For now we’ll let Bobby do much of that until I’ve got them figured out. I also dabble with the guitar/violin and mixing/mastering, just well enough to antagonize the pros but not well enough to do it myself.

Bobby and I met on a Saturday night in a bar in Redmond, WA where he was doing requests for guitar/vocal covers. I was impressed with his repertoire and the adaptability of his voice, and I took this as inspiration to one day having a pint glass full of dollar bills of my very own. We dutifully exchanged résumés and after getting to know each other realized that we were destined to write music together at least within the next decade.

To date we have worked remotely as we live in different states and the COVID-19 pandemic has made travel difficult. This hasn’t stopped us from living the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle: getting a nice early night on Fridays for a 7:00am Zoom call before our families wake up, laying down a crafty track between meetings, and auditioning mixes on the school run. Bobby has also developed a Coke habit and I can’t get through a meal without mushrooms.

We write at a rate that works for us and we are lucky to be able to call on several talented musicians (almost exclusively friends of Bobby’s but I have some up my sleeve), laying down different instruments as needed for the track. I’m having a lot of fun as we find our sound by experimenting with a different genre on every song; maybe one day we will create one of our own.